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5 Tried and Tested Places to Find Contractors for Your Project


The contractors and subcontractors you employ make all the difference in your project. So, how do you find the right contractor for your project? Check out this guide for tested places to find contractors.

Do you know the contractor in charge of your project determines if the project succeeds or comes out as a total disaster? It is not enough to get just anyone to assign the task to, the question is, are they capable of bringing your dream to reality?
Some of the issues you may likely face in the flipping business will be related to contractors or subcontractors. It includes;

- The unending hunt for the right contractor for your project
- How to manage contractors and subcontractors
- Contractor taking too long to complete the project, etc

Truth is, you can completely avoid every contractor-related issue by simply choosing the right contractors from the get-go. We put together this article to reveal 5 Tried and Tested Places to Find Contractors for Your Project. Stay glued till the end to get a bonus tip. Also, this will be a good time to Subscribe if you haven’t done that already.

Professional Real Estate Investment Bodies

This is probably the best place for both new and old realtors. That is why it is our top recommendation. Professional real estate organizations or clubs will have better referrals compared to online options. Seminars and meetups are also good places to find professionals. Don’t sleep on this.

Online Marketplace

You can also get trusted and experienced contractors from online marketplaces like Facebook. True, you may have to search through a long list to pick a likely qualified contractor but we cannot deny online marketplaces are one of the trusted Places to find contractors.

Pro tip: Take your time to search and vet the contractors before signing a deal so you don’t get blindsided.

Craigslist and Angie’s List

Both Craiglist and Angie’s list have proved to be great for finding reliable contractors and professionals. Be that as it may, you could also fall a victim to the wrong ones. Therefore, it pays to do your homework and ask the right questions before hiring.
Craigslist is free contractors to post so you may have a larger pool of contractors there. Angie’s list, on the other hand, requires contractors to pay to be listed. This slight difference makes many people believe Angie’s list may be more reliable. But that is not entirely true. It is possible to find good and bad contractors on both sites. Please do the needful.

Hardware Stores

This may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking to hire a contractor for your project but it counts. If you visit any hardware store in the morning, you will likely find a few contractors and subcontractors. They are frequent customers of hardware stores so it makes sense that you will find some contractors here. However, that doesn’t always translate to finding the right contractor for your project. But it is worth giving it a try.


We find this site also amazing. Here, you will also find a bunch of contractors for different projects. It is totally up to you to weed out the wrong fits and choose the right one for your project.

Bonus Tip!

Word of Mouth Recommendation

Saving the best for the last, we must quickly add that word of mouth recommendation tops all the lists of the best places to find contractors. Nothing beats recommendations from people who already worked with the contractor. This way, you have already vetted the contractor and you are almost certain they can handle the project perfectly based on how well they handled past projects. Your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, etc are the best people to get recommendations from. You are certain they won’t lie to you just to land the job.

Choosing the right contractor for your flipping business is very important. This list puts together all the reliable places to find contractors for any project. 

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